Rising Together
State of Mississippi“I call on every Mississippian, no matter what our race or region or party, to rise above our petty differences and build together the Mississippi our citizens deserve. Let us go forward from this time and place, unafraid to make the bold changes that will help us rise together.” – Gov. Phil Bryant




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    • . has a plan to defeat ISIS, secure the border and grow the economy. Tonight proved that Hillary Clinton can do none of that,
    • So Hillary believes testifying before Congress means she has stamina? The circumstances she did so under would shame anyone else.,
    • RT : Hillary Clinton failed all over the world. ❌LIBYA ❌SYRIA ❌IRAN ❌IRAQ ❌ASIA PIVOT ❌RUSSIAN RESET ❌BENGHAZI… ,
    • Hillary Clinton has no plan to defeat ISIS. That much is clear. ,
    • Hillary Clinton has been involved in politics for 30 years. Now she has great ideas? is calling out her failures.,