• Gov. Phil Bryant Commends Legislature For Passage Of Dyslexia Bills

    JACKSON—Gov. Bryant commends the Mississippi Legislature for heading his call to improve Mississippi’s response to the challenge of Dyslexia.

    In his inaugural State of the State address, Bryant pledged to improve Mississippi’s response to the challenge of Dyslexia. Bryant struggled with Dyslexia as a child and says these efforts will make a difference to children who face the same obstacle.

    “Reading is personal for me, and I want every child in Mississippi to have the same opportunity to succeed,” Bryant said. “With these new laws, our children will be properly screened for Dyslexia, and those who struggle with it will now be able to attend a school that is suited to help them overcome their challenges. We also need more qualified Dyslexia therapists, and this new scholarship will help dedicated college students pursue certification.”

    House Bill 1031 establishes Dyslexia screening guidelines for kindergarten and first grade students. The measure also allows first through sixth grade students struggling with Dyslexia to attend a public or private school that has Dyslexia-specific instruction.

    House Bill 1032 creates the Mississippi Dyslexia Education Scholarship Program. College students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in Dyslexia therapy at a Mississippi college or university. Scholarship recipients are required to serve as a Dyslexia therapist in a Mississippi public school.


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