Tamara Kendrick, Parent of two children enrolled in a failing school
“I think a scholarship program would be awesome. Academically, the school in our district has a failing performance level. Knowing that, I would have been apprehensive about sending my children there had they not been accepted into a special program that has star ratings within the district. I even considered moving outside of the district so that my children could be assured of a quality educational experience and called some private schools to see what scholarships they offered. I am passionate about my kids’ education and want them to be challenged. If a scholarship was available, they would have the option to possibly go to schools that offered more rigorous curriculum and where they were more likely to be around peers who are equally excited about learning.”

Tassie Rosamond, Fourth Grade Teacher in the Starkville School District
“I have been a teacher for over 21 years in two different states. Governor Bryant is the first Governor to ask what I thought would help our education system. I appreciate Governor Bryant listening to teachers and trying to help us as we work to help children. The Governor’s Education plan includes large reforms for Mississippi. The merit pay system will help compensate teachers that move students forward in growth and performance. The literacy assistance he is proposing will really help those young children who are not reading proficiently. I am looking forward to working with the Governor’s office to continuing to help improve education in our state.”

Governor Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida and Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education
“Reversing the decline in education is critical to our country’s long term success. Mississippi has the opportunity to improve the quality of education in their state and thereby equip every student to reach their God-given potential. Governor Bryant’s education agenda recognizes that all students can learn, accountability is critical, highly effective teachers must identified and rewarded and every parent should be empowered to choose the school that best fits their child.”

Dr. Ben Burnett, Superintendent Lamar County School District
“I am convinced that this is the most critical period in the history of public education in the state of Mississippi. Many decisions and challenges face us as we try to move Mississippi forward hopefully change the future of the children of this great state. We can’t confront this critical time without the joint efforts our state leaders and everyone in the educational community of public education. Governor Bryant’s commitment to making education a priority in this next session is a huge step toward reaching the goal of meaningful change in our state.

In my 27 years of service in education in Mississippi, I have never seen a Governor reach out to so many educators to get their input as he has done this week. It gives all of us a renewed hope that we can work together to create a movement of change that will last for generations. Of all of his points in his plan, the one I am the most excited about is recruiting Mississippi’s best students to not only stay in Mississippi for their career, but to also pursue education as their chosen field. We can’t implement and sustain change without the best our state has to offer. This, along with several of his other initiatives, will be a long term solution. We will all have to stay committed to the plan and work hard for years to come to see these results pay off, but our children are worth it! I am excited as a school leader about the opportunities for change that exist with Governor Bryant’s leadership.”

Dr. Lynn House, Interim State Superintendent of Education
“I appreciate the work of Gov. Bryant and other elected officials to address public education in the state. I hope to work collaboratively with our elected leaders to create opportunities for every student to receive the best education he or she deserves.”

Dr. Sam Bounds, Executive Director of the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents
“We are excited for the opportunity to work with Governor Bryant as he frames his education agenda. We also look forward to a strong continued relationship with the Governor and his office as we strengthen public education in the state of Mississippi.”

Dr. Lynn Weathersby, Superintendent Rankin County School District
“Gov. Bryant is leading the charge toward meaningful reforms in education legislation. Academic excellence has always been a priority of his, and we appreciate his continued support of public education during these trying economic times for our state and nation.”

Blake Wilson, President and CEO of the Mississippi Economic Council
“It is gratifying that Governor Bryant continues to recognize key elements of Blueprint Mississippi as he develops policies to move Mississippi forward, most recently with various aspects of his education agenda.
His insights provide an important framework for continuing a productive dialogue among all Mississippians to find common ground in developing public policy solutions that make a meaningful difference in our children’s futures.”

Haley Fisackerly, President and CEO of Entergy Mississippi
“Quality education benefits us all, because we create a more qualified workforce. An educated workforce is able to command better jobs with higher salaries. It makes sense not only from a public policy standpoint, but from an economic development standpoint. The stronger education in Mississippi is, the stronger Mississippi is.”